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Jon Chuby made his film debut in Vancouver as an actor, with roles in shows like “The Fringe”, “Smallville” and the movie “The Hessen Affair”. Now focusing on directing, producing and writing, he has built a local network of cast and crew to work alongside him. His most well known projects are “Behind the Reds” which was an official selection of the 48FILM project film festival and was shown at the Directors Guild of America in 2015. His TV show “Geoff and the Ninja,” Winning “Best Directing” at the ISA10, and a personal “Best Comedic Acting” Award at the Miami Webfest. As well as nine other award nominations.

Jon was also selected to direct Canadian writer Josh Saltzman’s short horror story “The Window” through Wattpad and CineCoup (which you can watch right here)

Jon is currently busy with Geoff and the Ninja’s festival circuit around the globe, and is currently in production for two other short horror film’s to be released soon. “The Wayside Runner”(already released) and “A Twist in the Tail” It’s has been a busy couple of years for him but he can’t wait to sinkk his teeth into other projects. Make sure to follow him on social media. You can also contact him directly here if your interested in being a sponsor, or other projects.

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Twitter/facebook/Instagram: @Jon_Chuby
Facebook: @PicaroonPictures, @ninjafyme



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"Look Mom we made it in the paper!"

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First Article our show "Geoff and the Ninja" CHECK IT OUT HERE

"We decided to film it whether we had funding or not...Then we got funding."

A Pod Cast!

Now you can hear me embarrass myself on a podcast!

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Great Article by Frank Peebles from the Prince George Citizen CLICK HERE TO READ

"Oink Oink!!"

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Check out Jeremy Abbotts Interview with Novus Tv about "Geoff and the Ninja"

Another Pod Cast

This one is even more embarrassing then the last!